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Change from Comunities in Elections for Vise President of Municipality

On 18 December 2018 Kosovo Young Union Association filed a complaint to Ombudsperson Hilmi Jashari with a request according the Constitution to fix the regulation for elections of the vice president belonging to the comunities. As a result of 1 year effort Ministry of Local Government, Ombdusperson and former leadership were removed.

Regulation No.2014/04 of Ministry of Local Government exactly Article 6 Paragraph 2 (Vice President of Municipality will be elected from Comunity that constitutes the largest majority in the Municipality.) Because of violation of the Law on Local Government Administration and Constitution Kosovo Young Union Association President Cengiz Kovaç sent this issue to Ombudsperson. In his objection, Kovaç says, “In order to harmonize regulations with provisions of the Law on Local Government Administration and Constitution to secure electoral blockade of Vise President of Municipalities in Prizren,Gjilan,Dragash and other municipalities.”
Ombudsperson rightly appreciated the oppositions and recommended to be changed.

With this recommendation, Ministry of Local Government Administration decided to suspend Regulation No.2014/01 that regulates election of Vise President.

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