Mission and Vision

The reason for the establishment of Kosovo Youth Union Association is the trust to our knowledge,experience,education and desire to use existing energy in a positive way.

Instead from being future leaders, to become partners in this days.

Mission :
To promote participation of decision-making mechanisms by improwing the capacity of youth using technology information actively.

Make legal and institutional arrangemenets for youth policy in Kosovo.

  • To make a sustainable youth for sustainable development and a healthy environment,
  • Developing youth partnerships with government,local governments and the business community,
  • To oversee the United Nation Summit,European Union Summit and other international meetings of interest for youth and to increase the participation of youth in these meetings as well to contribute to the decisions.
  • Ensure communication between youth groups and development of educational programs,
  • Direct participation,formation of legitimate platforms for youth and youth organizations, to create councils at high school,councils at universities,youth councils in local governments and all these platforms to join to made the national structure.


  • Till 2023 to create the Academy of Youth Leaders,
  • Ensure the institutionalization of the National Youth Parliament,
  • To support the establishment of Youth Councils in all regions of Kosovo,
  • Prepare a Website for all youth’s activities.

Transfer of information from the international level to national and national level to international level.
Examining good practices in the world and implementation at local and national level
Following world agenda and create agenda
Establishment of youth solidarity and civil society
Accelerate process for democratization by raising the awareness of civil society
Developing community sensitivity with new visions                                                                                             Creating a platform of youth to solve social problems

Our Principles:

In the Projects that we are realizing we are working with different local governments such as (municipalities and regional directors).We encourage volunteeering  by pushing the participation of youth in local relevance.However,main thing in our studies is to raise awareness about the common problems of youth at the city level.In this regard,we don’t do any kind of discrimination on the youth platforms that we have created.At the same time,this approach that we demostrate is the development of partnerships more effectively with local authorities.

It is imperative to have a local dimension of studies that we are doing.The fact that studies are understood from locality are not superficial.So,we work to enable knowledge and experience reaching the neighborhood level.At the same time,we try to find opportunities for youth to reach other cities that are left out.

Our Association doesn’t engage in direct money and sponsorship relationships.Financial support meet for the respective activity.

The association in the cities where it organizes activities avoids creating branches and units.The Association improves the capacity of youth groups in the city to facilitate and instruct them to form their legitimate structures.

The Association doesn’t make relationships with the institutions and organizations we cooperate in studies and we keep our independence in drafting policies.Decisions in practise and work are done consensually based on partnership.

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