National minorities across Europe came together in Berlin at the 66th FUEN Congress

A representative of the Turkish community of Kosovo, which is a member of the Federal Union of European Nations (FUEN), between 29th September and 2nd October 2022, was a participant in the 66th Congress of FUEN. President of the Kosovo Young Union Association Cengiz Kovaç and members of FUEN TAG (Working Group of Turkish Minorities) were participants in the congress held in Berlin organized by the four national minorities and autochthonous ethnic groups in Germany. The opening day sessions held at the Brandenburg State Representation in Berlin focused on the situation of minority communities in international, regional and national conflicts. With the participation of European Parliament deputies, national politicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations and minorities in Ukraine, the main topic of the agenda in the sessions was the Russia-Ukraine war, where was discussed about the situation of national minorities in the war.

ABTTF Vice President Nabi İbrahimcik was elected FUEN Vice President in the elections held in the Board of Delegates

At the FUEN Board of Delegates held on Saturday, 1st October, elections were held for the FUEN President and the FUEN Presidential Board. As a result of the elections, FUEN President Lorant Vincze was re-elected as FUEN President by the votes of the delegates.

Six new organizations join the FUEN family

After changing the statute of FUEN, four new organizations were established at this year’s FUEN Board of Delegates Romanians in Hungary, Frisians in Germany, Alsatian community in France, Macedonian minority in Greece,Slovenes in Italy and Montenegrins in Albania became associate members of FUEN.

Germans in Hungary will host the FUEN 2023 Congress

The decision taken by the Board of Delegates, FUEN Congress in 2023 will be held in Pécs/Fünfkirchen, hosted by the German minority in Hungary.

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