President’s Biography

He was born on 09.08.1980 in Prizren. High School he graduated from Technical High School”Gani Çavdarbasha” while Higher Education he graduated from “Anadolu University”Administration branch.

From 2002 untill 2017 he was a Board member of Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo and also he was a founder of Youth Branch.During this time he was active in many youth projects,contibuting to the implementation of youth projects and projects in politics.

Since 2009, he has been the vice president and founder of Kosovo Youth Union Association.

In 2011 Cengiz Kovaç started working in the Ministry of Public Administration of Kosovo in the Departament of Public Personnel Managment – Human Resources Management Information System (as System Coordinator)where he continues to work.

On 29 June 2016 he was elected President at Kosovo Youth Union Association.

Cengiz Kovaç is married and lives with his family.

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