We wanted from you to be with us

We request volunteers who will support the promotion of programs created by Kosovo Youth Union Association which can contribute individually.

  • If you are 16 years old (Persons under 18 years old must have parents permission )
    • If you are alive and dynamic
    • If you like teamwork
    • If you want to spend your free time with us
    • If you are enthusiastic and thirsty to work in organizations and cultural events
    • You can be part of us on a regular basis;
    Write us an E-Mail about your biography of your experiences and interest.

Na shkruani një biografi të shkurtër të përvojës tdhe interesimet tuaj me E-Mail. Be a participant in our Association’s events

Why will you get by participating in Club of Culture and Arts

  • Ticket priority at our Festivals
    • You will be informed about the events
    • Free Brochures and Catalogs of Festivals
    In events that will be organized (Picnics,excursions,tours,etc) you will be invited and you will have many other priorities…

* If you would like to become a volunteer in the activities of our Association, you can contact us by filling the form below.

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